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"Romanasia" - love at first sight.

Alena V. Fomina Director Romanasia complex.

History of the emergence and development of this complex.

Alena, as long there is a complex «Romanasia»?

- My husband came to Pattaya for the first time in 1992, from this point is a corner of paradise on earth was always in his heart. And when the next visit to Thailand in 2009, he saw the complex "Romanasia" buy this mini-palace was sealed.

The name "Romanasia" carries a combination of two cultures: the Romance and the Asian style. But other than that it reminds us of the pages in the history of Russian-Thai relations and friendship between the two great royal dynasties.

This was the impetus to create the style of the royal house in Asia and the appropriate interior and menu. And in the future we will try to stylize the interior and kitchen in this direction.

Pratumnak - an area where a lot of Russian lives. You initially relied on Russian clients?

- Not at all. After the acquisition of the British restaurant we set the goal to preserve the best of us inherited a European menu, which we try to supplement and improve.

Russian and Thai cuisine as well occupy a worthy place in the proposed visitors assortment of dishes.

Thus, we may assume «Romanasia» international restaurant.

Our guests can not only stay in the restaurant, but the tables and standing near the pool, which offers a variety of hookah flavors.

I strive to create a high-class restaurant in putting this concept delicious food, attentive service and extensive serving, but keep reasonable prices. Guests of the restaurant can not only dine in a nice and cozy atmosphere, but also serves business - lunch which consists of 3 courses for 220 baht.

What are some of the dishes from the menu, which are very popular?

- Grilled duck in orange sauce

- Scallops - grilled in white wine sauce.

- Mutton in yoghurt sauce on a sizzling skillet

- Fillet of white fish sauce "Bechamel"

- Dumplings in a clay pot, covered with golden patty

- Medallions on - Peterburzhskiy with pepper sauce

In the near future we are preparing to please our guests a variety of steaks on the grill.

What products are preferred by chefs? Did you bring something special from Russia?

- We all want to buy here, as the products in Thailand is very good quality. Everything is fresh - we do every day purchases. In our restaurant, not even blanks - the cooks a lot of helpers, so a dish that you order will be cooked from scratch from purchased on the same day products, and served to you on the table. There is nothing better dishes prepared from fresh ingredients professional quality. Come and see for yourself!

Does the «Romanasia» possibility of co-operatives and the holidays?

- Yes, of course - on the second floor we have is a great banquet hall with its terrace. For special occasions such as wedding, birthday.

On our site you will find Romanasia.com not only all the useful information, but also be able to visit the virtual tour that you will plunge into the atmosphere of the restaurant.

"Romanasia": rest the whole family!

Pattaya has long been turned into a family resort. Increasingly, couples come to Pattaya with children for a week for several months to comfortably spend the winter cold, Russian, and someone moved forever.

In a previous article I tried to tell the story of the emergence and decrypt very name of our restaurant "Romanasia."

In the sequel, I want to tell what changes entailed this year.

And do not make a big tour of our complex.

So ...

As stated above, Pattaya became a resort town for families with children.

I was able to notice it at our restaurant guests. Increasingly, we began to visit parents with children of different ages. And at one point it seemed to me that my child was the restaurant, but on reflection, I came to the conclusion - this is our advantage. After all, what could be nicer when parents completely confident in the quality of cooked food for your child and then become new customers - permanent.

We try to diversify our kitchen that each visitor would find a dish to your liking, it can be a dish of Russian, European and Asian cuisine.

For example, our signature dish - lamb with vegetables on a sizzling Skovorodochka, Roast home-cooked in clay pots, Borsch with garlic donuts, dumplings in a pot covered with golden patty. Roast duck in orange sauce. Fillet of white fish sauce "Bechamel" salted salmon own ambassador.

Our day restaurant guests can try a mini-lunch of three courses, which cost only 220 baht.

Increasingly, I began to notice that people were not enough places where after a wonderful dinner, you can relax comfortably sitting on the comfortable sofas, a cup of coffee and talk in a relaxed atmosphere where the music in the style of chillout, and then go to the pool and smoke flavored hookah. STOP .... I have created a situation .... And the children? If you do not provide a safe and comfortable pastime for kids, the restaurant our guests will not be able to join in the atmosphere created by me. And then me, it was decided to equip children for a freestanding game room where you can give your child in good hands babysitting. Go ahead.

On the second floor of the restaurant is a banquet hall with a terrace for corporate meetings, anniversaries, weddings and children's parties.

Some time later, by conducting a survey among the visitors of the restaurant, from about which services they would not refuse to complex "Romanaziya" our opinions coincided about the lack of a decent Pratamnak beauty.

Opening is planned for September, here you will find a full range of manicure, pedicure, hairdressing.

Relax, have fun, try new dishes, become irresistible!

Family Complex «Romanasia» will do everything for you to be rested, fed, happy and contented!

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